"I just want to make everything pretty with flowers.

I want to paint people; their bodies, their cars, their whatever, with flowers.

Can I just do that all day , every day?  Paint the world using flowers as my medium?" 

- Carmen

The Soul Shine Project

This project is a visual story told through uniting women and natural elements. It's about how we shine when we connect to ourselves, to our true nature. It is a continued series with photographer Jenn Farmer, Hair and Make Up Artist  Jenn Chivers, and Flora Amor. ​ 

A note from Carmen, Lead Designer of Flora Amor and founder ofThe Soul Shine Project:

¨I feel my most connected when I'm creating. My mind travels to a different level and I have a hard time stepping out of it. With that comes all kinds of feels. Starts with ¨this is going to be amazing, then ¨wow, this is fun to do,¨ then ¨this isn't going the way I thought it would¨, then ¨this is going to fail,¨ then ¨I am a failure, what the hell was I thinking, then,¨ wait, this is coming together,¨ then ¨OMG I love it!¨ then, ¨ahhhhh, nailed it!¨ And finally ¨I need to do it again but go bigger¨.  

It's quite the intense mind trip that I often drag my the people closest to me through. I try to stay steady, level, graceful, carry peace. But there is growth in the discomfort, right? My husband thinks I'm addicted to the process. 

For me, working within natural elements, living in this environment, I feel may soul is being polished; my conectoipn to nature and beauty has helped me feel grounded and able to handle the intense swings my mind takes me through.    

Mommy & Me

We love working with photographer, Spencer Ian Harris.   He is always up for trying something new and making some magic together.  We wanted to  create a unique experience for moms and their littles.  Flora Amor designed floral couture from dried botanicals and paper blooms.  Courtney, a wedding planner with Sunset Soiree, and her adorable daughter, Rebel, had such a sweet time on one of their favorite walks, all captured perfectly by Spencer.   

Natural Beauty

This shoot was created with a few more of our "friendors". We were inspired by the beautiful tones and textures of a new venue here in Sayulita, Rancho Poco a Poco, as well as the designs and fabrics from R2 by Ross, a local clothing designer.  Everything came together like magic.

Photo Fuller Edge      Venue Rancho Poco a Poco       Florals Flora Amor       HMU Jenn Chivers         Jewellery Mo & Ko             Clothing R2 by Ross